EDC3100 Assignment 1

Assignment 1 link for my prezi artefact.


Maths and ICTs

Hi Sally,

In response to your blog, I have discovered many helpful math apps which help students of all ages/year levels.  Mathletics is one which accommodates all students and allows for them to work at their own pace.  Students can also work at home if they wish to advance their skills or be challenged by others.  The main thing is that they are having fun and not even realising that they are learning at the same time.  Study ladder is another helpful tool for teachers as homework can be set on it to compliment the work in class.  This helps students to revise on their weekly work.


Hi Elyse,

Thought you might like this resource I found.  Evernote is a ICT app you can use to collate evidence on students for reporting etc.  You can use this app on your phone, iPad and computer.  Keeping written work assessments, recording evidence of physical activity, behaviour and much more. Considering the amount of students a PE teachers has it might help.  Not only can we use ICTs to teach students it can make our job a lot easier and quicker as well.  Easy, accessible and useful app to help any teacher in any class.

intergrating ICTs

Hi Ashlee,

Talking about the importance of integration of ICTs into the classroom t\in the 21st century.  With the amount of curricular for teachers to cover we are forced to integrate subjects as much as possible.  A resource which is a must in any teachers ‘Toolbox’ is this Scootle website.  Not only is it full of useful lesson plans it also supplies many resource, such as appropriate YouTube clips etc.

ICTs are so versatile that with some creative thinking teachers can integrate it into many of the KLAs in the curriculum.  Using the resources we have makes it easier.

10 year report on technology.

Hi Mitchell,

Check out this interesting article about 10 years of gathered data on apple computer classroom.  It discusses interesting facts of an insight into students with special needs, curricular activities , social rules necessary as well as parent and community expectations.

Thought it was interesting to see how they could understand the importance of social rules necessary to overcome cyber bullying, etc.  More so now we need to encourage students to act in a socially acceptable manner when using ICTs more than ever. Important for us as future educators to start with role models.  What do you think?

Blooms Taxonomy

Ashlee discusses the importance of Blooms Taxonomy in our classrooms.  Promoting Higher Order Thinking in classrooms is of great importance.  Not only are you developing clear thinkers who can be problem solvers as adults.  This will also minimise your behaviour management issues within your daily classroom.  Activating students minds in a way where they want to learn is a “WIN-WIN” for both teacher and student.   Young students can begin problem solving with Bee Bots and move onto to programs like kodu. Boys can especially become active learners with programs like these.

Dictionary v’s dictionary App?

My thoughts are on if we should force students to go back to the old ‘book’ dictionary or is letting them use technology for this ok ( dictionary App) ?

If we don’t use it do we lose it?

I have seen where my own children can struggle to look up a word on an app.  Is this because the grounding of basics like the alphabet has been overlooked.  Some things we need to not forget about.

What do you THINK?

Apps for resources

Olivia shows us how to effectively use “Apps” such as mind craft in a positive way as apposed to using it as a baby sitting tool.  I would like  to add to this by sharing some more useful apps for students :

Early childhood = letter school, and letter quiz

Middle/ Senior = Slideshowpro and book creator

Keeping in mind students may be using these apps at different times in their schooling as they need to be differentiated to their ability. Letting students use the middle/ senior apps here allows them to pick a topic ( which is on task) which they are interested in, therefore making sure interest is there they will stay engaged and enjoy learning.

Technology with differentiation

Brittany raises interest in using Apps in high schools and how beneficial they are.  My 10 year old son has already been exposed to this garage band app.  This leads to me to an important part of differentiation.  My middle boy has a high IQ and is gifted in music, specifically guitar.  If his music teacher didn’t differentiate for him I have no doubt that he would be bored and most likely in trouble in class.  Instead he is confident, willing to have a go and fun with his music and the arts leader of a large primary school helping other students every break.  Socially this is a huge positive for him and demonstrates how technology, if used properly, can be an effective learning tool for both teachers and students.

“Techno” free day?

Britney raises interesting issues and concerns about the days which soon will be upon us were students will no longer use pen and paper.  This is of great concern to me as there is still a huge importance of needing to know and be able to hold a pen correctly ( fine motor skills, etc.) Adding to that what impact does photo shopping pictures of beautiful girls in magazines do to our mental and social well being.  Maybe a strategy in our future classrooms can be a “Techno” free day once a week.  Could we cope with this in todays society?