Educreations App

Patricia and I have been lucky enough to be at a great school with laptops and iPads that are used for a large majority of their learning time.  It will be very interesting to observe the different style of learning.  Already the teacher beside my room mentioned how you can tell the difference between students who use technology a lot and those who don’t.  Will be good to see this in action.

My mentor has shown me quickly how they use an easy App called Educreations. A simple program that the teacher films direct instruction onto for students to watch individually.  I can see why this can work if done properly.  If a student is absent they can easily catch up, if they’re not quite sure they can review it again and they can use for revision for a test.  This does mean that the teacher needs to put in the hours to be organised.  Looking forward to having a go at this in the real world.

Paula xx


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