Diversity, ICTs……..

Hi Patricia,

You go girl! Great job, love the video.

Diversity is an important part of learning throughout all the key learning areas.  The use of ICTs for diversity makes the educators’ job so much easier.  Don’t misunderstand me however, I certainly don’t mean stick the naughty child on the computer.  NOT AT ALL! Diversity should be about helping students to learn the best way for them not the easiest way for the teacher.  It is also about giving each student opportunity to show what they can do, if students need help in a different way then the educators need to accommodate that.  For example, using larger print on the word document for students with sight problems or a FM system for students with auditory processing difficulties.

This is developing effective equity within the classroom. Making it fair and equitable for students who need extra help, not just letting them fall further behind but in fact help them to be as capable to perform as every other student in the class.

Using ICTs is the easiest way to achieve this. However it is so important to make sure as an educator that we keep up to date with the new and evolving ICTs in our world. Students need to be prepared for the future so we need to keep up with this and model our expectations. Don’t forget it makes the classroom fun, interesting and enjoyable also.

Cheers Paula Hall



MMMMM interesting Elyse,  I think if we are aware of it it’s half the battle. However things can always sneak up on us.  Baby steps, baby steps is the answer.  Great to have a goal and just keep working towards it with out letting the big picture exhume us.  Easier said than done though.  The main thing is to seek help if it is all becoming too hard.  This is the useful help that USQ have for anyone.

cheers Paula

Differentiation with ICTs

This Differentiation with ICTs article discusses many ways to enrich our students learning.  Such as teaching strategies, ways to adopt a ‘target structure’ and using different learning objects that are suited best to each individual student. To differentiate students learning allows all students the opportunity to learn best for themselves.  Using little changes to ICTs such as speech or the magnifier on Word Doc allows students with dyslexia or eye sight problems.  By adjusting this variable it makes the learner  on a ‘level playing field’ so to speak.

What do you think Ashlee?  Would you use ICTs for these reasons on class?


Need Help Elyse,

I am trying to organise activities for my assignment two.  Just trying to understand if this is right or not.

REPLACE – Quizlet questionnaire for students to ask adults.  Class will organise as a group questions, then take home and collate answers. Then bring them al together for results in class again.

AMPLIFY- Excell/ Auto sum to create profit and loss ledger on money they  make from selling the product.

TRANSFORM – Video scribe/ garage band/ slide show pro/ IMovie for students to create advertisement of their choice to sell the product.

TRANSFORM – Prezi to import all information as a final assessment program to help imbed movies etc into so as to avoid just boring ld powerpoint..

Any opinions would be much appreciated as it’s sometimes hard to understand the difference.

Peer Learning and Mentoring


I have seen how both young students in prep and grade one have enjoyed the engagement with yr6 and 7 students with reading programs for example. These older students are also inspired to help, this is a plus for a school environment full of confident, resilient, persistent, getting along an organised students.  These are the 5 keys to the You Can Do It program.  Peer mentoring can help develop positive students behaviour while they are learning.

When students can teach another student how to do something they are also learning so why not encourage this with ICTs as well.


Resource for Assignment two


I wanted to share a resource that I am planning on using in my second assignment.  Quizlet is a really interactive website that students can easily use. I am thinking about using it as a introduction to discover what students prior knowledge.  This can help the educator to focus on the learning that is most important for the unit plan.  I really like how I can choose if I want to put up on the interactive whiteboard or  not.  So depending on your students in the class, you can choose if this would motivate or embarrass them.  Cheers Paula



Nice job on assignment one.  I wanted to introduce a ICT I found that looks interesting for possible use in assignment two. EDpuzzle.  You can use this program to:

1. Find any teaching video you may like in your lesson.

2. Select sections out of the video that are relevant in you rlesson.

3. Embed your voice over top to teach the lesson.

4. Add questions throughout the lesson to check for understanding.

5. Send it to the students.

6. Then track students progress to see if anyone is struggling to understand, haven’t even done it or have done really well.

Think it interesting so wanted to share. Paula



Starting to work on second assignment I thought I would share my learning content descriptors I am considering.

I am unsure as to I we can use different learning areas?  Help?

This is what I am thinking.  Yr 7

Maths – Investigate and calculate ‘best buys’, with and without digital technologies (ACMNA174)

HPE – Investigate and select strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS073)

and maybe ? ICT – Design the user experience of a digital system, generating, evaluating and communicating alternative designs (ACTDIP028)

Obviously we have a lot to think about for this assignment and not much time.  Here we go stress head.  LOL Paula x


Hi Elyse,

This Aurasma App was amazing.  You could do anything with it.  I would encourage to try it out first before you let students delve into it.  As an educator we really need to make sure we know exactly what these Apps do before we use them in the class.  As you are specialising in HPE it would be a great assessment tool, maybe students could take a still photo of themselves in their activity (tennis).  Then they could film each other actually playing.  Students would need to upload this onto the photo and the teacher could use this to actually assess their abilities. Just a thought xxx

Assignment 2

Sally mentioned how she is looking for ideas for assignment two.   I decided to start with researching, thinking about the curriculum. What learning areas I like and what age group I think will best work.  My initial thoughts were to consider the importance of using Higher order thinking ICT activities.  This is why I have decided to write this unit plan on a higher year level as challenging their thinking abilities with ICTs would be more interesting than younger students. This also challenges myself as throughout my degree I have only been on prac’s with younger students and have written many assignments on the younger year levels.  I want to push myself outside my comfort zone.  Cross fingers. XXXX