Connect.ed was an interesting and helpful professional development experience.  I am a parent of 3 children, 1 x 15 year old boy, 1 x 11 year old boy and 1 x 8 year old girl.  As a productive parent I monitor my children’s use on the internet.  My husband and I always have the computer in a public area to watch what is being done when the children on the computer.  We always talk to our children about cyber safe practices both at school and at home.  My oldest boys are also continually reminded about setting an example for younger children at our house. This is for everything including internet and privacy safety.  As parents we also lead by example.

Connect.ed helped me recognise that my understandings and beliefs about cyber bullying etc. are true.  It also made me think further about the fact that as a teacher we need to model and teach in depth ways to help students.  Technology is wonderful we just need everyone using it properly, that is our jobs as teachers. Connect.ed also helped me with valuable resources which I will continually be revisiting.  These will be considered and used in my future teaching.


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